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The league has updated the age groupings for the 2023 Season.

Now you can go by your player's age OR you can use his/her GRADE IN SCHOOL

For instance: if your ball player just turned 15 but is still in 9th grade, he/she can still play on our 14U team without a waiver.

The new groupings look like this:

8U: 7-8 years old OR 2nd or 3rd grade

10U: 9 -10 years old OR 4th or 5th grade

12U: 11-12 years old OR 6th or 7th grade

14U: 13-14 years old OR 8th or 9th grade

As a league, we hope this change helps keep teammates together longer. And also allows us all to keep players playing at a level where they are most comfortable.

Click HERE to Register

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

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